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Price List

Entrance fee for the fitness centre Prices incl. VAT
One-time entry (unlimited time) 140,- CZK
Student entry 100,- CZK
Happy hours ( MON - FRI from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) 100,- CZK
Weekend entrance fee 100,- CZK

Prepaid entries Prices incl. VAT
10 entries (valid for 2 months) 1100,- CZK
20 entries (valid for 3 months) 2050,- CZK
30 entries (valid for 4 months) 3000,- CZK
20 student entries with OpenCard (valid for 3 months) 1500,- CZK

Season tickets Prices incl. VAT
Monthly 1150,- CZK
Monthly for Police of the Czech rep. 500,- CZK
Quarterly 3100,- CZK
For half a year 5900,- CZK
For a year (lending of a towel for free) 9900,- CZK

Entrance to the aerobic hall Prices incl. VAT
One-time entry 110,- CZK
10 entries (valid for 2 months) 900,- CZK

Other services Prices incl. VAT
Lending of a towel 20,- CZK
Renting of a cabinet (1 month) 200,- CZK
Issuance of a card (refundable deposit) 100,- CZK