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An energy exercise, which will supply you with hormones of happiness for a long time. You will be jumping on a small trampoline with the diameter of 100cm without handlebars. The maximum number of persons per lesson is 7.

  • You will burn some calories: 10 minutes on the trampoline = 30 minutes of running. It is three times more effective than running!
  • It firms up and shapes your entire body, you will loose weight faster, and it will improve your coordination and physical condition.
  • It is favourable for your joints, and it is a suitable exercise after injuries.
  • It is suitable for all age groups, men, women and children.
  • Fan club on Facebook: Trampolínky s Kamilou (Trampolines with Kamila)


TRX is an abbreviation for “Training Resistance Exercise”. TRX suspension system is a unique exercising equipment, where only the weight of the exercising person is used as the dominant factor for exercising. TRX contributes to stronger muscles, equilibrium, flexibility and it activates the stabilisation muscles for the entire time of exercising. It is designed for persons of all fitness levels, from beginners to elite sportspeople.


It is a modern system of exercising designed for a complex strengthening of muscles of your entire body. It has a positive impact on the healthy posture, physical condition and fat reduction due to the included cardio exercise. The basis of BOSU exercise is a special inflated cupola BOSU Balance Trainer, owing to which you can exercise even muscles, which you do not normally use. Your reward will be a slimmer figure and a firmer body.


It is a set of fitness and stretching exercises. This method is used by physiotherapists and rehabilitation workers, but it has also become popular in fitness studios all around the world. It can be exercised virtually by anyone regardless of their age and previous exercising experience. The exercise is also suitable for pregnant women and especially for women after giving birth. Pilates intensively activates the stabilisation muscle system, coordinates breathing with movements, reduces chronic fatigue, increases muscle strength and endurance, improves the posture, firms up the body and stretches the body at the same time. It helps to reduce stress, muscle disbalances and backaches.


Zumba will bring you a real joy from dancing and movement to a Latino music. You do not need to have a special talent for dancing. Anyone can learn steps of the variations during 1-2 lessons. The lesson includes the classic attributes of fitness – stretching, endurance cardio-part and fitness exercise. Zumba is for anyone of any age. It has an atmosphere of a dance party, where you can burn 500 – 1000 kcal per hour and which will leave you with a great feeling and condition.


Exercise with elements of Thai box and kickbox focused on firming up and shaping of problematic body parts. The choice includes special exercises from MUAY THAI, which emerged around the half of the second millennium B.C. and KICKBOX – a modern form of a martial art in combination with modern methods of the FITNESS training. The exercising is focused on the maximum effect of firming up gluteal muscles, firming up and slimming torso muscles and shaping lower limbs.

Information about group lessons

Time schedule: you can find it on our web in the booking system. Lessons may change, so we recommend you to keep checking the schedule.

What does a SUBSTITUTE (NÁHRADNÍK) means: Please write your name into the substitutes! If a place is vacated, you will automatically receive an SMS message that you can come to the lesson you have booked. Very often, some place is vacated at the last moment.

Booking and cancelling: You can book a lesson by phone or on-line in our booking system after filling in a short registration. Please, if you find out that you cannot come to the lesson, you should cancel your participation at least 24 hours in advance! Thank you for your understanding.

A group lesson: lasts about 55 minutes. We recommend you to come to the lesson ten minutes earlier (especially, if you are here for the first time), so that the instructor can explain you everything about the exercise and how to use the tools.